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Bovada to merge with Sportsbook of the Year

Bovadar, the sportsbook operator that was valued at $6.5 billion in March, has announced that it will merge with the sportsbooks of the year competition, the Sportsbook Awards.The news follows a merger with Sportsbet earlier this month that led to the resignation of founder Tom R. Miller.Bovada was founded by former NFL player Chris Paul […]

Beta blockers help people with ALS keep their memories intact, new study finds

It has long been suspected that beta blockers, which block the activity of the enzyme beta-amyloid peptide (AAP), are beneficial in treating people with chronic pain and dementia.However, researchers from the University of Sydney and the University College London have now discovered that beta blocker therapy has some of the same side effects as opioids.The […]

What if you have to bet on basketball, too?

The odds are stacked against women’s basketball, and women are making up for lost ground.Women made up 40% of all college basketball fans in 2014 and are projected to hit 60% in 2020, according to a new report from ESPN.The numbers are even more astounding when you look at the other sports.Women make up 30% […]

NBA: NBA’s draft odds are up 0.4%

A 0.5% jump in the odds of a first-round NBA draft pick will make for a significant jump for the Los Angeles Lakers, according to a recent analysis by site aggregates data on NBA picks from sportsbooks that offer high-volume bets and analyzes the probability of the player being selected.OddsSharper has a very close […]

How to buy basketball betting tips with a book of basketball betting picks

When you’re on the prowl for a new basketball bet, the NBA can help.The NBA’s online basketball betting portal is a treasure trove of free and paid NBA bets.It’s a great place to find a great deal on NBA bets, and the site is easy to navigate.But it’s also where some NBA players are starting […]

How to play the game of basketball bettors, and why it’s a lot harder than you think

The bettor industry is an old game.Its origins are more than a decade-old, when the sport first took off, and the way it is played is one of the most important factors in whether the sport is successful or not.The basic rules of the bettoret, as it is now called, are simple: a player is […]

Pk basketball bet odds, betting tips

Betting tips for NBA basketball bettors: 1) Use the sportsbooks odds, which are updated daily, or just read the signs.2) Use a sportsbook with a lower house edge and an average house edge for the most recent bet.3) Use your best bet.4) Be patient and take your time.5) Be careful about picking a bet that […]

How to bet on the Rutgers basketball team

Bet on the New Jersey Nets on Thursday, August 3, 2019.The NBA Draft is set to start in just four days and it is a good time to bet sportsbooks.There are several games on offer in the New York City area and this year will be no different, with NBA Draft odds from Betfair, […]