What’s the most exciting basketball bet today?

The sport of basketball has been on the rise for years, with the average price of a basketball bet being around $200 per bet.This year is shaping up to be a major one, with several big bets expected to be announced over the next few days.These bets could change the way you bet on the […]

When China is the No. 1 basketball team, what is the best bet for basketball betting?

When China’s NBA team finally gets into the NBA playoffs, it will have the biggest fan base in the history of sports.And it’s not just fans who are excited about the prospect of a Chinese team winning a championship.Some NBA players are also optimistic about their chances of earning a spot on the league’s All-Star […]

Philippine basketball bet hits new highs in 2016

PHILIPPINES – Philippine basketball betting odds have jumped from 1,000 to 6,000 bet, according to an article published on Thursday.This is a big jump from the bet of just 1,200 pesos (about $1.50) a bet in April last year.The Philippine Basketball Association, or PBA, confirmed the increase in bet prices, which will come into effect […]

How to watch basketball betting with Barça’s Barça Barça

It’s a good bet you’re in for a long night.A new video game on Steam called Barça Bet analyser lets you watch a barber shop, which has been playing basketball in a virtual barbershop for a while now.The game is based on Barça, Barcelona’s national team, and its coach Pep Guardiola.Barça bet analysers are an […]

NBA bets for July 4, 2019: Basketball spread bets

A total of four NBA basketball spreads betting sites will be offering odds for July 5, 2019, according to the betting sites.Here’s how the sites are shaping up.NBA betting sites NBA Betting is offering its weekly NBA betting odds for the last six weeks for NBA games between 10:30 p.m.ET and 5:00 a.m., with the […]

The Most Popular Basketball Betting Oddschecker Sportsbook | Lasry Sportsbook

Lasry sportsbook has just launched a new sportsbook that is set to revolutionize sportsbook betting.Lasry is the first sportsbook to offer sportsbook odds for the NBA playoffs and the NBA Draft.Lasy sportsbooks are now available at over 100 locations across the United States and Canada.The sportsbook will offer odds for NBA playoffs, NBA Draft and […]

What is a ‘beta basketball shoe’ and why should you care?

The best shoes for basketball are usually the ones that last.In other words, they are designed for an athlete to play basketball at a high level and have good durability and grip.The best sneakers for basketball players tend to be lightweight and comfortable and often feature mesh or leather inserts that offer extra cushioning.But these […]