Canadian basketball betting software is making a name for itself as the hottest thing to hit bet sites

The hottest sports betting software on the market is finally making its way to Canada.

The company behind Bet365, Bet365 Canada, has launched its Canadian-focused betting app for smartphones and tablets, and will begin selling it to consumers in Canada on Monday.

Bet365 is offering users the chance to win up to $1 million on their favourite sports team by placing bets on a specific NBA, NFL, NHL or MLB team.

The company claims to offer “the most extensive, accurate and transparent” Canadian basketball bettor database, offering odds and predictions for nearly 400 teams from across the league.

Bet365 is also adding an “NFL/NHL Fantasy Football” feature, allowing users to play fantasy football with their favourite teams and players.

“For us, this is about giving our users a chance to bet on their favorite team,” Bet365 CEO and co-founder Kevin Miller told CBC News.

“It’s not just about picking a team, but betting on that team.

We’re also trying to make it more competitive.

So this is something that’s about adding value to your bet, and that’s what we’re really looking at doing.”

Bet365 will offer its users a “top-rated” option for its “best bets” option, which will be a mix of NFL, NBA and NHL teams, with all of them offering up to 15-percent odds.

Bet365 also promises that “the entire team will be covered in gold” for every NHL team, with each team set to have an individual gold medal probability of 0.5 percent.

“All of these teams will be worth an average of $10,000,” Miller added.

For sports fans, this will be an exciting opportunity to bet big on the hottest teams in sports.

For some, however, the offer may come at the expense of the more affordable NHL teams.

Betday365 is currently available in Canada for $9.99, while Bet365 Sportsbet is currently $4.99.

“The Canadian market is pretty big and the teams tend to be a little more expensive,” Betday 365 VP of product marketing and marketing manager Ben Leger told CBC.

“But the NHL is also a big market in the US.

So, if we can make the Canadian market competitive with those, we’ll be fine.”

The company has also launched a Canadian version of its NFL Fantasy Football app, but the app’s price point is $2.99 instead of $7.99 and only offers one team per game.

The NHL Fantasy Football betting app currently only has two teams, the Dallas Stars and Tampa Bay Lightning.

Betday365 has also started offering NFL betting on its sports betting site, but Leger said the company is also considering launching its own NFL app.

“We want to have a full-fledged NHL app, we want to be able to be more transparent with our customers, so we’re talking to the league about that,” Leger added.

“And we’re also looking at adding our own NFL Fantasy Basketball app.”