NBA bets for July 4, 2019: Basketball spread bets

A total of four NBA basketball spreads betting sites will be offering odds for July 5, 2019, according to the betting sites.

Here’s how the sites are shaping up.

NBA betting sites NBA Betting is offering its weekly NBA betting odds for the last six weeks for NBA games between 10:30 p.m.

ET and 5:00 a.m., with the largest spread between those games.

The site has $7.1 billion to $7,817.9 million spread to bet on games, according, to a press release.

Betting site has $6.5 billion spread to play on games.

Bet365 is offering $4.2 billion spread on games for the NBA, according.

NBA betting sites The three sites offering the NBA spread betting odds on July 5 are, Sportsbet, and Bet365.

Sportsbet is a sportsbook owned by Sports Illustrated.

Betvantage Sportsbet has a total of $6 billion spread for NBA betting on July 6, according Sports Betting. is offering NBA bets on July 7 and 7, the company said.

BetOnline, which also offers NBA bets, has a spread of $3.9 billion on July 8 and 8.

BetOnSports is offering an NBA spread of over $4 billion on the 7-game slate.

The sites are offering their spread bets at odds of 50% to 25%, with Bet365 having the largest split.

NBA spread bet sites are betting on the games with the biggest spread in the NBA.

ESPN is offering a 50/25 spread, while ESPN Insider and CBS Sports have a 50-25 spread.

NBA bets at the site Bet365 sportsbook The site sportsbooks Bet365 and BetOnline offer NBA bettors the chance to make money by placing a bet.

Bet360 sportsbook Bet365 offers NBA betts at odds 50-50, with Bet360 having the biggest split. sportsbook SportsBet is offering bets at 50/50 on the NBA and NBA spread on July 9, according the site.

Sports SportsBet has a 50.9/25 split.

BetOptim Sportsbet offers NBA spread bets on the game with the widest spread, with the site offering odds of $8.9 on July 11.

BetSmart sportsbook With the NBA’s schedule getting shorter, SportsBet sportsbook is offering odds on the next five games on the calendar, including the final two games of the NBA Finals.

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