When China is the No. 1 basketball team, what is the best bet for basketball betting?

When China’s NBA team finally gets into the NBA playoffs, it will have the biggest fan base in the history of sports.

And it’s not just fans who are excited about the prospect of a Chinese team winning a championship.

Some NBA players are also optimistic about their chances of earning a spot on the league’s All-Star team.

Here’s a look at how the odds look for each team, based on their record against each of the other 12 NBA teams.

The numbers in parentheses are the betting odds from the Bovada, which is a site that is owned by sportsbooks that are part of a larger betting industry.

(In case you’re wondering, the odds on this bet are not directly related to whether or not a Chinese player is on the NBA All-Stars’ roster.)

Team China: 12-3 (2-1)China is the world’s most populous nation and is expected to be the next country to add an NBA team.

The Chinese basketball federation, China Basketball Association, announced last year that it would join the league, but that it had been negotiating a deal with NBA owners that required a new league.

But the Chinese government announced that it was willing to negotiate with the league to add a team, and the NBA has said that it is willing to accept that offer.

The league’s new commissioner, David Stern, told reporters at a conference last month that he expects to announce the Chinese team by the end of March.

China is also expected to make the NBA’s first-ever World Cup.

The NBA is also scheduled to hold a training camp in China in February.

In a recent interview with ESPN, Stern said that he expected to add China to the league by the beginning of the calendar year.

“If we add China, it is a great achievement, I think it is something that I think we will be proud of, and I think people will be looking at it and saying, ‘Wow, what a team that we have’,” Stern said.

“I think people are going to be very, very proud of it.

If we add that team, it’s going to bring a lot of good people from China to America.”

Stern said that the Chinese basketball team will be able to compete on a level playing field with other NBA teams and, as a result, it should be able attract more fans.

“I think the fans are going have the opportunity to watch this team, because it will be a new team, a new country,” Stern said, adding that he believes the Chinese fans will like the way the team plays.

“It’s going on the court with the Chinese national team.

We’re going to have some very talented players from China, and we’re going into the game against the best team in the world.

I think the NBA is going to do well.”

The NBA is not only looking to add Chinese basketball to its roster, but also to add basketball to the United States’ sports landscape.

While the NBA may not be able directly compete with the NBA, the league could use its international connections to bring some of its players to the States, according to ESPN.

China will not have the same sort of national team, so its players will be more likely to make it to the NBA.

“The biggest thing that the NBA can do with China is put a basketball team on the stage in front of a large fan base, which in turn will make it easier for other leagues to add their teams to the game,” said Chris Mims, a sports book director with Booking.com.

“They’ll also give their fans more access to the teams, which will help bring new fans into the league.”