How to win $5,000 with ESPN Basketball teaser bet

ESPN has updated its NBA betting odds to include a $5 million prize to be won by the winner of a $1 million teaser bet on NBA playoff basketball.

Betting odds:Betting on the NBA is one of the most popular sports bettors around, with a huge number of sportsbooks offering their NBA teaser bets.

The betting odds will update on Tuesday, Sept. 27 at 11 a.m.

ET, the same day the NBA’s playoff matchups are announced.ESPN has not released the exact odds of the $1m teaser bet, but has given the $5m prize a 7% probability of winning, according to sportsbooks.

That’s significantly lower than the 7% chance of winning the $100,000 NBA basketball tournament in 2016, and significantly higher than the 3% chance that the NBA will win a playoff game in 2019.