Cavs win NBA championship, Cavs lose title

The Cleveland Cavaliers have won the NBA championship for the fourth time in the past five seasons, while the Washington Wizards have lost their fourth title in five years.

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In this article, we look at the biggest storylines from this NBA championship weekend.1.

LeBron James and the Cavs beat the Bulls to advance to the Finals for the first time in five seasons.

The Cavaliers beat the Chicago Bulls 103-94 on Sunday night to win their fifth title in the last six seasons.

They also captured their second NBA championship in three seasons.

The Cavaliers beat Miami in the first round of the playoffs, but they have not advanced to the NBA Finals since 2008.

In addition to James, Kyrie Irving, Tristan Thompson and LeBron James Jr. led the Cavs in scoring with 30 points each.

The Cavs also had 11 assists each from Kevin Love and Kyrie.

LeBron is averaging 28.9 points, 11.8 rebounds and 4.2 assists.

LeBron Jr. has been the most efficient scorer in the league this season, averaging 16.1 points and 7.4 rebounds.

The Celtics have won four straight to stay undefeated in the series.2.

LeBron Jones scores 40 points for the Cavaliers over the Celtics.

Jones, who had a career-high 23 points and 13 rebounds, was named the MVP of the game.

The MVP award goes to the player who most consistently contributes to the team.

Jones had 30 points and eight rebounds.


Kevin Love scored 30 points for Cleveland against the Celtics for the third time this season.

Love has averaged 23.9 and 8.1 rebounds per game in his last three appearances.

He had 18 points and 10 rebounds against the Boston Celtics.4.

LeBron Irving had 18 rebounds, seven assists and five blocks for the Celtics over the Cavs.

Irving had 16 points and five rebounds.5.

Kyrie Thompson had 23 points for Washington against the Cavaliers for the sixth time this year.

Thompson is averaging 18.3 points and 8 assists.

He has scored a team-high 30 points.6.

Tristan Williams had 22 points and nine rebounds for the Cavs over the Bulls.

Williams has averaged 24.9 rebounds per contest in his career.7.

Kyries brother, Isaiah, scored 25 points for Detroit over the Cavaliers.

Isaiah scored 18 points in the Pistons win.8.

Tristian Thompson scored 26 points and 12 rebounds for Cleveland over the Bucks.

Thompson had 19 points and seven rebounds.9.

Kyrae Irving had 14 points and 14 rebounds for Golden State over the Jazz.

Irving scored 15 points and grabbed eight rebounds in the Warriors win.10.

LeBron and the Celtics beat the Cavs on Sunday for the fifth time in six years.

The NBA has not reached the finals since the 2010-11 season.

James led the Celtics to a 106-84 win over the Cleveland Cavaliers on Sunday.

James scored a career high 37 points, nine rebounds and seven assists.

James was the only player in NBA history to average 30 points, 10 rebounds and 10 assists in a game.

The Celtics lost in seven games last season to the Miami Heat and Golden State Warriors.

The team also lost in the second round to the Milwaukee Bucks.11.

LeBron scored a season-high 29 points and added six rebounds, five assists and three steals against the Bulls on Sunday in his 10th win over his former team.

James had 29 points, six rebounds and three blocks against the Chicago Cubs.12.

Kevin Durant scored 28 points for Golden Bay over the 76ers in the final game of the season.

Durant had 25 points, five rebounds and two blocks.13.

Kevin Garnett scored 26 for Boston over the Wizards in the Wizards’ win.

Garnett had 20 points and 11 rebounds.14.

Tris Bennett scored 20 points for New York over the Spurs in the Celtics’ win over them in the regular season.

Bennett had 22 rebounds and six assists.15.

Derrick Rose had 24 points, seven rebounds and five assists for the Bulls over the Heat in the Heat’s win over Miami.

Rose had 26 points, eight rebounds and four assists.16.

LeBron Williams scored 20 for Boston and scored 10 points in a win over Cleveland in the NBA finals.

Williams scored 15 in the game against the Lakers.17.

Isaiah Thomas scored 23 points, including eight 3-pointers, and had eight assists and seven steals for the Pistons over the Warriors.

Thomas had 11 points, four rebounds and eight assists.18.

Kevin Seraphin scored 19 points for Toronto over the Rockets in the Raptors’ win in the Western Conference finals.

Seraphin had 20 in the win over San Antonio.19.

Kevin Knox scored 23 in the Bulls’ win against the Knicks in the Eastern Conference semifinals.

Knox scored 20 in a 104-95 win over New York.20.

Kyriakos Papadopoulos scored 17 points for Philadelphia over the Knicks.

Papadopolous had 16 rebounds.