Which NFL players are making the most money from their online sports betting bets?

NFL players can win up to $2,000 in online betting every time they play a game, according to betting handicapper Betfair.

It’s a new twist on the traditional “pay as you go” model that sportsbooks have been using for decades.

But it’s not just the players who benefit.

Betfair’s Mike Lutz told ESPN that betting handicappers like to offer “sportsbook value” to players, meaning the more they bet, the bigger their earnings can be.

“The best players, if they can get to that point, can win a lot of money,” Lutz said.

“That’s a great incentive for a lot people.”

The betting industry is getting ready to embrace online betting.

Last month, the NFL announced a partnership with a new betting platform called Bet365, and the NFL Players Association has been promoting its new mobile app, bet365.

“It’s not a replacement for playing,” NFL commissioner Roger Goodell said last month.

We are excited to expand it and give the best players the chance to win even more money.” “

We’ve been using Bet365 since 2012, and we’ve seen tremendous growth in the last few years.

We are excited to expand it and give the best players the chance to win even more money.”

NFL players’ online betting earnings have increased over the past year, as the league has been busy trying to catch up to its rivals.

Last year, for example, the Philadelphia Eagles led the NFL in online gambling, with nearly $1.2 billion in revenue.

That was more than the league earned in revenue from NFL games alone, according a study from Betfair that examined NFL games played between 2014 and 2016.

The report found that online betting accounts for more than half of NFL online revenue.

The NFLPA told ESPN this month that it’s hoping to grow that figure to 70 percent of its total revenue.