What is Sky Basketball Betting?

Sky Basketball is a new betting model that uses the NBA’s “basket of stars” approach to basketball games.It uses a “blitz” style betting strategy that involves placing bets on the outcomes of individual games.Sky Basketball allows users to buy tickets to individual games, but they must then make an online bet, which costs $20 a […]

Scottish basketball: ‘We’ll see how this goes’

Scottish basketball fans and fans of other sports are starting to wonder if Scottish football betting might be a little more successful than expected, given the fact that the odds for Scotland to qualify for Euro 2016 were set at just one-third.BET365 sportsbook owner John Stapleton told the Scottish Sun that he was “very surprised” […]

How to win the NBA, the World Series and more in 2020

What to watch: All the NBA action from this weekend, including the playoffs.What to bet on: $1 stocks, $1 bonds, $10 sportsbooks, $5 options, $100 futures.NFL betting odds: -5.5%, -4.5% for home games, plus 5% for away games.NBA draft odds: $2.5 million for a first round pick, $2 million for second round, $3 million for […]

How a pool bet could make your favorite team a better basketball team

The basketball pool is one of those sports betting things that has been around for a while.But it’s also a thing that could be worth a lot more money than you think.Here’s how.Basketball betting is the process of betting a win or a loss on the outcome of a particular game.It’s one of the oldest […]

New Jersey high school football coach charged in $7 million scheme

A New Jersey High School Football coach has been charged with fraud in connection with the $7.5 million gambling ring that targeted players in the state’s high school division.The New Jersey Attorney General’s office said on Tuesday that David W. Wren, 38, of Brunswick, N.J., was charged with one count of grand theft of property […]

How to bet on basketball in the NFL?

Basketball is a big business.It’s been around since the dawn of the game, but it is still the biggest game in the world.And the big names are the same as they have been for decades.Just like football.The stars, like the stars of baseball and football, have all become millionaires and billionaires.The game has become the […]

Bet your house on a Lakers win

With the Los Angeles Lakers set to face the San Antonio Spurs tonight, NBA betting analyst Andy Staples thinks the Lakers will come away with a victory.Here’s what Staples thinks: “This is a really good team.This is a team that will be very hard to beat.They’ve been able to win the past couple of games […]