How to bet on basketball in China

Chinese betting markets are booming as a new generation of bettors bet on their favorite NBA teams.

Some of the best players in the NBA are expected to be crowned this summer, as the NBA’s schedule has grown longer, while the NBA playoffs are set to begin next season.

But many bettORS are not so confident that the NBA will produce great basketball in 2018, and are instead taking a more aggressive stance on the game.

This is a time of great change for the NBA, and some bettORs are betting against their own teams.

For some, this is a risky bet to take, because the NBA has a record of losing to the NFL and NBA Championship Series, and has not won since 2007.

So for some, it is an even greater gamble to bet against a team that is far more likely to be a bust.

“It’s an interesting bet.

I have never been a basketball fan.

But if the NBA gets good and it’s the best that it can be, then I will definitely bet on the Lakers,” a bettor from Shanghai told Newsweek.

“But for the rest of the season, I think the Lakers will be the underdog.”

Chinese bettor Jie Han, 26, is betting against the Los Angeles Lakers in a bid to win a million yuan ($22,000) in cash from a Shanghai bettor.

(Jie Han/Instagram)For the first time in a decade, China is betting on basketball.

In 2015, Chinese bettormakers saw a record 633,000 bets for NBA games in the first five days of the tournament, an increase of 30 percent from the same time in 2015, according to China Betting Association.

This year, betting markets have been more open and betting pools are smaller.

“In the past year, the NBA was losing to other sports, like soccer and football,” a Shanghai betting pool owner told Newsweek, adding that this was “because the NBA is a big business, and the NBA wants to win big.

So it is not easy to win against them.”

In China, the government is taking an aggressive stance against the NBA.

On May 5, President Xi Jinping announced a crackdown on betting on the NBA and called for “zero tolerance” for betting on sports that hurt the country.

The NBA has been trying to stay away from China, and there have been signs of progress.

China is not allowed to sell lottery tickets, and ticket sales are limited to the country’s national team.

But the NBA still regularly visits China and plays in Beijing.