How much does a basketball win the bet?

When the NBA’s Las Vegas Summer League ended, a bettor called in.

He said he had been thinking about the Cavs winning the title for weeks.

So he made a bet on them.

He put $10,000 on them to win the NBA title, then gave the winner $10.

But he knew that there was still a chance.

So when the Cavaliers’ season ended, he called back and asked for more.

That’s how he ended up winning $1,500.

The NBA didn’t announce the total, but it’s well over $50,000.

That is the highest amount ever bet on a basketball in Vegas.

And this isn’t the first time a basketball bet has been won by a sports book.

Back in 2014, a Vegas sportsbook called Inflatable Dice was called in to put $100,000 into a basketball betting account, after winning a bet that LeBron James would win the title with the Cleveland Cavaliers.