The NBA’s new betting app bettors are in for a shock

New Scientist – 3/14/16 4:37:42 In a bid to reduce the number of sports betting apps on the market, the NBA has announced it will be adding betting apps to its betting platform.

According to a statement released by the league, its appBetting 1X2 Basketball will offer betting on NBA games with its Betting 1XX basketball betting app, which has already been downloaded more than 2 million times. 

“We’re thrilled to bring our newest NBA appBetts to the appbetting community, which now has more than 600,000 users and is home to a massive amount of bets,” NBA commissioner Adam Silver said in a statement. 

While betting apps such as SeatGeek and SeatBet have had a lot of success in the past, they’re not exactly as popular as they used to be, particularly when it comes to basketball games. 

In fact, in 2018 alone, more than half of the sports bettor apps in the App Store were launched on mobile, according to App Annie. 

The NBA is hoping that its bettivity appBetTis will be more than just another app, with Silver saying that it will help the league to improve its product, offering more bets to bet on. 

As part of its betting app, the app will include live scores, in-depth statistics and a betting tool called the NBA Team, which will allow users to bet against their favorite team. 

According to Silver, the bettivision appBettTis will be available to bettivers on iOS and Android starting April 21.