Why You Shouldn’t Stop Buying NBA Basketball Betting: What You Need to Know

The NBA’s best-ever record was just an average of what they did last season.

The Warriors won 55 games, the Lakers won 54, the Clippers won 52, the Knicks won 47, the Nets won 46, the Spurs won 44, the Wizards won 42, the Thunder won 39, the Celtics won 38, the Grizzlies won 36, the Hornets won 35, the Raptors won 34, the Mavericks won 33, the Pelicans won 32, the Kings won 31, the Pacers won 30, the Jazz won 29, the 76ers won 28, the Pistons won 27, the Warriors won 26, the Suns won 25, the Timberwolves won 24, the Bucks won 23, the Blazers won 22, the Cavaliers won 21, the Rockets won 20, the Magic won 19, the Hawks won 18, the Heat won 17, the Bulls won 16, the Bakersfield Jam won 15, the Orlando Magic won 14, the New York Knicks won 13, the Brooklyn Nets won 12, the Minnesota Timberwolves won 11, the Philadelphia 76ers lost 10, the Phoenix Suns lost 9, the Detroit Pistons lost 8, the Atlanta Hawks lost 7, the Utah Jazz lost 6, the Charlotte Bobcats lost 5, the Memphis Grizzlies lost 4, the Sacramento Kings lost 3, the Los Angeles Lakers lost 2, the Indiana Pacers lost 1, the Chicago Bulls lost 0.

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