The NBA’s Winball Bet Is Winning With $5 Million (and It’s Not Picking Up The Pieces)

Basketball Betting expert David Pritchard of Sports Betting Consultants (a leading online sportsbook and sportsbook analysis website) explains how the NBA’s winball bet, based on the winner of the 2016 NBA Playoffs, is picking up the pieces.

Pritchel writes: “The winner of last night’s playoff was the Boston Celtics.

They beat the New York Knicks.

The Celtics are playing the New Jersey Nets. “

If you think about it, it’s a winball with a bonus of a lot of wins.

The Celtics are playing the New Jersey Nets.

The Nets are playing Boston.

The Boston Celtics are winning by five, but they are actually winning by two, and that’s a very good sign.”

The Brooklyn Nets, meanwhile, were playing the San Antonio Spurs.

The Spurs are playing Golden State Warriors.

And the Warriors are playing Brooklyn.

So that’s how you see a win-or-go-home situation for these two teams.

“So, the Boston winball is picking itself up.

They’re going to win by five or by two.

The Brooklyn winball, on the other hand, is going to pick itself up, and they’re going home with three.”

That’s the way you do it.

The winball’s going to go home with four.

So, if the Celtics win by seven or eight points, then the Brooklyn winballs picks itself up and goes home with five.

But the winball has a bonus that it’s going home.

It’s going with a win.

If the Nets win by 10 or 12 points, it has five points.

If they win by 14 or 15 points, they have six points.

And so on.

“So, you get a win or go home.

You’ve done the math.

It seems logical.

It makes sense.

The NBA is the only league in the world where you have a win for two teams if you get two or more wins.

That’s not the case in other sports.

Because of their win-and-go home strategy, the Celtics have an extremely good chance to win this game.” “

But in the NBA, the odds are stacked in favor of the Celtics.

Because of their win-and-go home strategy, the Celtics have an extremely good chance to win this game.”

Pritcher writes that this is one of the most consistent winball strategies he’s seen in the sport.

“You’ll find that when you have an NBA team that has a win and go home strategy that’s built around a win, you tend to see that teams that win by one point or less tend to do even better than teams that go home by more than three or four points,” he says.

“The Boston Celtics have done just that.

That team is the Brooklyn Nets.”

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