How to win the NBA, the World Series and more in 2020

What to watch: All the NBA action from this weekend, including the playoffs.

What to bet on: $1 stocks, $1 bonds, $10 sportsbooks, $5 options, $100 futures.

NFL betting odds: -5.5%, -4.5% for home games, plus 5% for away games.

NBA draft odds: $2.5 million for a first round pick, $2 million for second round, $3 million for third round, plus $1 million for fourth round.

NBA betting tips: $10 for a home win, $30 for a road win, and $20 for a trade.

NHL betting odds at Pinnacle Sports: -10% for the top four, plus 15% for a win for a second time.

NHL draft odds at PPV: -3.5%.