How to beat the best football bettor

Bets are now being made on football bettors on the internet.

With the season just around the corner and football fans getting excited about the next big thing, it’s only natural that betting handicappers are making big bets on the sport.

Here are some of the best bets on football that you can make, whether you’re a fan of the game or not.


Manchester United are a good bet This is a big bet on Manchester United.

They have a fantastic run and are currently sitting on three consecutive Premier League titles.

They will win it all this year and are a real contender for the Champions League.

But United are still in the hunt for the Europa League with a game in hand.


Barcelona have a chance to win it again Barcelona are not only top of La Liga, they also have a great run of form and are chasing a Champions League spot.

They are currently second in La Liga but have a game to play at home against Atletico Madrid.

This is going to be a tough one.


Chelsea are the favourites Chelsea have been a consistent top team in the Premier League for quite some time now and are now the favourite to win the league again.

They were also a consistent runner up last season and they look like a real threat this time around.


Real Madrid have a shot to beat Manchester United again Manchester United have been the big favourite for the last few years but the reigning Champions League winners have had some struggles this season.

Real have won two games and have a decent shot to win their fifth league title this term.


Liverpool are a contender to win European football The Reds are back in the Champions Cup.

They play in the second tier of English football and are one of the teams that have been around for a while.

Their form this season is very good and they will be looking to get back into the Champions league next season.


Arsenal are in a great position This season, Arsenal are the best team in English football, and their fans have embraced the club in droves.

They beat the champions Chelsea in the last season’s Champions League final and they are in great position to win again.


Arsenal have a better chance than any other team to win Euro 2016 The Arsenal fans love the club and they have been at the top of the table since they took over in 2007.

They won the FA Cup last season but lost out on the European Championship to Real Madrid in the quarter finals.


Arsenal will beat Liverpool at home next season Arsenal are favourites to win next season’s FA Cup.

Liverpool will not be in the same form they were last season so there is a good chance that this season they will beat Arsenal.


Arsenal can beat Real Madrid at home Arsenal will play Real Madrid away at Arsenal on Monday.

Real will be a much tougher opponent and Arsenal will have a much easier time beating them.


Man City can beat Chelsea at home Man City are in the European Champions League group stage, but Chelsea are in their final eight.

If they win their game against Tottenham Hotspur on Wednesday they will qualify for the next round of the Champions Leagues.

Chelsea will face Tottenham in the next match and will also qualify for next year’s Europa League.


Chelsea can beat Liverpool Chelsea beat Liverpool on the last day of the season and will go on to beat Liverpool in the final.

It’s not out of the question that Chelsea can win the Premier Leagues again.


Bayern Munich can beat Barcelona Bayern Munich beat Barcelona on the final day of last season.

They had a difficult season last season, losing in the Europa league final and then beating Barcelona in the World Cup final.

The Bavarians also beat Barcelona in Champions League last season with goals from Arturo Vidal and Didier Drogba.


Real can beat Bayern Munich Real can win La Liga again and they also finished top of Spanish football last season after winning La Liga in 2012.

They also beat Real in the Copa del Rey final last season too.


Real could beat Barcelona Real could win the Champions leagues again this season, and could go on a run to win La Real again.


Chelsea beat Arsenal Chelsea beat Wenger’s Arsenal in the first leg of the FA cup final and it was Chelsea who went on to win.

They would then beat Chelsea in this same fixture in the semi finals of the competition and won it all.


Real are the strongest team in Europe Real have been in the top four of the Premier league for a couple of years now and they would beat Arsenal again this time.


Tottenham Hotspurs have been beaten twice by Chelsea Tottenham Hotsps are in an incredible run of games this season and are looking to end the season as champions.

The last time Tottenham beat Chelsea, they lost in the FA final and the next time, they beat them at the Bernabeu.


Barcelona beat Real Barcelona are currently in the process of winning the Champions’ League for the first time in eight years. Real