What is NBA Basketball Betting?

In addition to basketball betting options, the NBA has introduced an NBA Basketball Odds site and the NBA Betting app.

The app allows users to bet on a variety of NBA games, including NBA games on ESPN, the Dallas Mavericks, Oklahoma City Thunder, Miami Heat, and the Chicago Bulls.

Users can also make bets on the games of the Boston Celtics, Golden State Warriors, and Brooklyn Nets.

The NBA app also includes the option to bet online with NBA Live 18, which allows users the ability to bet cash on NBA games.

The app also allows users who have the NBA Live 2018 Pro license to bet with their own money.

The basketball betting app is an update to the existing NBA Bet, which was available on NBA.com, ESPN.com and other platforms in 2016.

The new app also gives users the option of betting with credit cards, and has a new live NBA game section.

According to NBA., the app offers users the best odds on all NBA games including: NBA games in Toronto, Miami, New Orleans, Orlando, Milwaukee, Philadelphia, Washington, and Atlanta.

It also offers a full lineup of NBA Playoffs games, plus a list of all upcoming NBA Playoffs matchups.