‘It’s going to be a long time’: SI reporter talks SI.com’s basketball betting definition

Sports Illustrated’s John Myles reports that there are at least two other ways to bet on basketball games this season.

One of those ways is to go online, which has the potential to be the best bet in sports.

Myles: “If the NBA wins, and the Spurs win, and everyone wins, I’ll bet my money on the Spurs to win.”

Sports Illustrated’s Matt Lauer says it’s “not a great bet” to bet sports on basketball but he thinks it’s the best sports bet you could make.

Lauer: “The only reason I’d bet on the NBA is if I was a Spurs fan.

And I’m not, because the Spurs have won.

So I don’t want to bet against them.”

In this case, Lauer is correct, but it’s worth pointing out that he’s using “the Spurs” as a generalization and using it in a way that’s both misleading and inaccurate.

In order to get an accurate prediction, you need to know how the other team plays.

If the Spurs play the Warriors in the playoffs, then the Warriors have the same chance of winning that the Spurs had in the first round.

But the Spurs did beat the Warriors by six points in the regular season, and that loss only happened because the Warriors were on a two-game losing streak.

Lauer’s betting on the Warriors to win would be based on that loss.

It’s not clear if Lauer believes the Warriors are more likely to win than the Spurs, but there’s some evidence to suggest that’s the case.

In the NBA Finals, the Spurs were favored by one point over the Warriors.

In six other games, the Warriors and Spurs were tied or ahead.

In these six games, there were three games where the Warriors led by double digits.

The only game where the Spurs trailed by more than four was Game 1 of the Finals against the Lakers, in which the Warriors trailed by two in the fourth quarter.

So there’s evidence that there’s a slight statistical advantage for the Warriors over the Spurs.

The other way to bet is to do it online, where the odds are much lower.

Myles: The online bet on NBA basketball is probably a good bet, but the odds seem to be against the Spurs at best.

It would be an easy, quick and easy way to lose money if the Spurs lost.

But even if the odds were perfect, it would still be very risky to bet that way.

Myle: “Myles’ theory is that if you want to win, you have to bet more on the home team.

The Spurs, in particular, are the home favorites in the NBA playoffs.

They are favorites in most of the regular-season games.”

SportsBetting.com, a sportsbook that does the same thing, says it “would probably be a better bet for a Spurs win over the Heat than for the Heat to win the Finals.”

But it also says it wouldn’t be a good time to bet because of the postseason.

SportsBeting.com says it does “not currently have a lot of money on sports betting in the postseason.”

The difference between betting online and betting offline, which is a much less-known aspect of sports betting, is the amount of money you get to bet, based on your ability to track your favorite team.

Sportsbetting.net, a site that allows you to bet online, gives a “slightly higher” return than other sportsbooks, but still has a lower odds of winning.

SportsBetting has a higher “safer bet” rate, which means it offers a lower payout.

Sportsbook.com and other sportsbook operators offer a “soft” bet, in that you get a lower amount than other bettors, which are higher than “hard” betters.

So you’re not getting the best odds in the room, but you can’t get the best return, either.

In the NFL, you can get better odds by doing a lot more research, and you can also find sportsbooks that offer a better price than sportsbooks with lower odds.

But it’s a lot harder to get the same returns as you would on a sports book with a higher odds of a win.

Sports betting, which started in the 1970s, has a reputation for being “risky,” and there are a number of reasons for that.

Most sportsbooks charge fees to book and/or collect bets, and these fees are typically based on the number of bets made, the type of bet you make and how much you bet.

For instance, if you make a “half-dozen” bets in a few minutes, the odds of you winning a bet will be higher.

The money you earn from your bet depends on how many bets you make, and whether you bet with cash, a check, or some other form of credit card.

If you bet online and you don’t win