Which NBA team is going to win the 2017 NBA Draft?

If you want to bet on the NBA draft, you need to bet big.

There are a lot of teams that are expected to pick first overall in the upcoming draft.

But some of the most anticipated teams will likely fall in the first round.

Here are 10 teams that could potentially land top picks in the 2018 NBA Draft:1.

Utah JazzThe Jazz are the hottest team in the NBA.

They are expected by most to take top overall pick in the 2019 NBA Draft.

The Jazz have already won five straight NBA titles, and they are the only team to have three players go to the NBA Finals.2.

Phoenix SunsThe Suns have a solid group of young talent.

They have four first-round picks in 2019, and this year’s NBA draft class has plenty of players who can help the Suns win games.3.

Brooklyn NetsThe Nets will likely pick first in the draft, and that is expected to happen this year.

Brooklyn has a strong foundation and the potential to win a championship this year and in the future.4.

Miami HeatThe Heat have a strong core and a young nucleus.

However, they will likely miss out on top pick in 2019.

The Heat had the second-worst record last season and have struggled to get better with each passing season.5.

Minnesota TimberwolvesThe Timberwolves have some good pieces and a promising young core.

However a combination of injuries and poor play could be their downfall.6.

Philadelphia 76ersThe 76ers have been a good team this season, but it was a season in which they lost a lot in the Eastern Conference finals to the Washington Wizards.

The 76ers will likely have to wait until the second round to get their pick in this year of the draft.7.

Los Angeles LakersThe Lakers are loaded at the point guard position and a strong frontcourt.

However it will be difficult for the Lakers to land top overall picks.

They need to add some star power to the team in order to win games this season.8.

Detroit PistonsThe Pistons have the talent to win it all.

They could be one of the best teams in the league if they can get a big season from Lonzo Ball and Jahlil Okafor.9.

Brooklyn KingsThe Kings have the young talent to make a run in the playoffs.

However the NBA Playoffs are not guaranteed for this year, and the Kings are not expected to win anything.10.

New Orleans PelicansThe Pelicans have the best player on the roster, DeMarcus Cousins.

However they will be a team to watch in the postseason.

The best bet for a big pick in next year’s draft is to bet against the New Orleans Hornets.