Bet you never heard about the Australian Basketball Championship

It’s a long shot that you’ll win the Australian Championship basketball championship this year.

But you’d be a fool to bet against it, according to the betting market.

Sportsbet’s latest sports betting guide says odds on the Australian basketball championship are at 6.9/1.

That’s good odds for a team that finished seventh in the world in the last season, but it’s not as good as a 6.5/1 bet on a team in third place.

The betting market has a good track record of giving high odds on Australian teams, which is why it’s the favourite for the Australian team.

The best Australian team in the World: The Sydney SwansIt’s not the most attractive option for Australians, as they’re expected to lose the Australian title this year and that’s not something they’re looking forward to.

The Swans are the second-best team in basketball at the moment, but they are in the midst of a massive rebuilding process and have yet to make the finals of the World Cup.

Sportsbook odds on Sydney Swan: 6.6/1AUSTRALIAN basketball betting guideBetting expert Craig James from Sportsbet says that a 6/1 for Sydney Swains is still the best bet, but you might have to consider some other options.

“You’d be better off betting on an American team that is competing in the NBA, and a team from the NBA that is looking to win the title in 2019,” James said.

He’s right about that.

The USA Basketball Association has been winning the national basketball championship since 2008.

The USBAA is expected to win its first title in six years this year, and they’ve already secured a top-five seed.

It’s also important to note that the USBTA will be hosting a game on Friday night in the US.

James says that the odds for the US men’s national team are still at the very best, which will make you a little nervous.

But he also warns against betting on the USA basketball team, as it’s going to be difficult for them to win a title in the future.