How to win a bet on the NBA playoffs

A lot of money could be on the line when the NBA Finals get going on Sunday night.

But first, we take a look at the best betting lines that can help you bet on this weekend’s games.

Here are the five biggest lines to watch out for on Sunday, the most interesting ones and the most risky bets:NBA playoff betting line: The Warriors are on the verge of a historic run to the title, but the Warriors are still not a lock to win the title.

A lot is riding on the Warriors’ season, and they could miss the playoffs for the first time since 2010, which was the first year of the NBA lockout.

So the Warriors have a big bet on their playoff chances.

If they don’t make the playoffs, they could face a steep price hike for next season.

The Warriors have the fifth-most odds to win.

But let’s be honest: This is a team that was supposed to be on its way out a few years ago.

Now, it’s the one that could make the NBA finals again.

The Cavs and Rockets are also in the mix, as are the Nets, Kings and Mavericks.

The Warriors are the favorites, according to sportsbooks, but it’s not enough to overcome the Warriors odds of missing the playoffs.

In fact, the Warriors will need to win by 20 points or more to win this game.

Here’s a look:The Warriors could lose to the Cavaliers or Rockets.

The Rockets would probably take the game to the Warriors, and if the Warriors win by more than three, they’d win the game by two or more.

But it’s still a tough odds to swallow.

The odds of the Warriors missing the postseason are about 1 in 7.

The Celtics are also a favorite, but they’ve already lost to the Cavs.

Boston is in a much different position than the Warriors.

The Celtics are in a better position than most teams in the NBA right now.

The Cavaliers, Rockets and Warriors are all in the same boat.

The Cleveland Cavaliers have a record of 7-8, the Rockets are 9-4 and the Warriors just lost to a playoff team.

The Cavaliers and Rockets both have a very good chance of winning this game, according the odds.

The most likely outcome of this game is that the Warriors pull off the upset.

It’s hard to see them beating the Warriors in the regular season, but winning a playoff series would be huge for them.

The biggest question mark is who the Warriors beat in the first round.

But they’ll get a big boost if the Cavs win this series.

The Rockets and Cavs have a good shot of winning, according these odds.

If the Rockets win this, they would win the first two games of the series, which would put them in a very strong position to win in the series.

If Cleveland wins this, the series would get a little more difficult.

The Heat could make a statement in the playoffs if they can beat the Warriors this time.

They’ve won six straight against the Warriors and the Cavs have not won against the Heat since 2007.

But this is a game where LeBron James could have a chance to win, according ESPN.

LeBron James is averaging 33.6 points, 11.7 rebounds and 3.6 blocks per game in this series, according this ESPN.

The Heat would need to outscore Cleveland by at least 14 points to win and they’re not far from the Warriors average of 30.3 points.

The Spurs are also favored in this game as well, but that’s not a great bet to bet on.

The Thunder are the only team with a shot at a comeback against the Cavs, according Sportsbook.

But if the Cavaliers win, they’ll be the only one left.

The Thunder are in the middle of a hot streak, but a lot of teams are still in playoff contention.

The Pistons, Cavaliers and Mavericks are all considered favorites.

The Raptors are the favorite for this game at 9-1 odds, according BetOnline.

The Raptors are also the only two teams left with a chance of making the playoffs after last season.

If Toronto wins this game and the Cavaliers lose, they won’t be in the postseason.

The Pacers and Mavericks have the most realistic odds of making it to the playoffs in this year’s NBA playoffs.

The Bucks are the most likely to win their first playoff game.

They won the NBA championship last year and have won nine straight against Cleveland.

The Bucks are on a roll this year, averaging 27.8 points, 12.2 rebounds and 2.9 blocks per contest.

The only teams who have better wins than the Bucks are LeBron James and the Mavericks.

If James can get back on track, the Bucks would have a great chance to make the postseason for the second straight season.

The Nets have a lot riding on this game against the Rockets.

If Houston wins, they will be the last team left in the Eastern Conference.

The Nets are the team with the second-best odds to make it out of the first three