What’s next for NBA playoffs

Best basketball betting odds and predictions for the upcoming NBA playoffs have started rolling in.

We are seeing the first signs of a wave of bets to break through the 1-1-1 barrier.

Here are five of the biggest winners and losers.1.

LeBron James: The Cavaliers superstar is the favorite to win the NBA championship.

But the Cleveland Cavaliers are also the favorite in the NBA playoffs and have the best odds to do so.

The NBA Finals MVP has the edge in the regular season and a commanding lead in the playoffs.

The Cavs are the favorites to win two NBA titles.2.

Karl Malone: The Kings point guard is the most popular NBA player in the world and the favorite for the NBA title.

The Kings are the favorite and have a comfortable edge over the Cavaliers in the overall betting odds.

The only thing that could derail the Kings chances is if the Cavs win the playoffs, but the odds are looking very good for the Kings to win both titles in 2017.3.

Kobe Bryant: The Lakers superstar has the best shot at the NBA crown.

But his chances of winning the title are looking slim as the Lakers are in a race to win back-to-back titles in the first year of their new contract.

The Lakers are the most likely to win all three titles in one year and have an insurmountable lead in betting odds if the playoffs are close.4.

Kevin Durant: The Thunder forward is the best NBA player of all time and is the odds-on favorite to make the playoffs this season.

Durant is the top choice to win a title and the odds for that are looking extremely strong.

He has the most to gain from a winning series and the Thunder are the only team with a shot at a title.5.

LeBron Anthony: The former NBA star has the second-best odds of making the playoffs in the series.

The Warriors have the second most to lose in a series and have one of the best chances of making it to the NBA Finals this season with a chance to do it in two years.

But Anthony is the one who is on the edge of making a run at the title.

If the Cavs lose, he has the third-most odds to make it.1/1