What do you think of the NBA Finals, including NBA.com’s Basketball Betting

I thought this was an interesting article and I’m curious to hear your thoughts.

It looks like a good way to get a sense of how you feel about the league and its fans.

How do you feel the playoffs are going for the NBA and its teams?

I think it’s a pretty interesting way to gauge the level of the league.

The finals were the most-watched in league history.

The regular season was pretty evenly split.

I think it shows the quality of the competition and the amount of attention it is getting.

You can see the same amount of interest in the Finals this year than last year.

I’m not sure how much of that is because of the fact that they’re playing on TV, but I’m also not sure the attention is there because the NBA has been in the news a lot over the last year or two.

We’ve seen the NBA’s television ratings go up in recent years.

What do we think is going to happen this year?

I don’t know.

I guess I’d have to be optimistic that they will be good.

I’ve always been optimistic about the NBA, but they have been in a bad spot in terms of their TV ratings, their broadcast ratings, and the money that they have.

I don’t see any reason to believe that they’ll be better than they were last year, which is why I think they’re going to be competitive.

What does this mean for the playoffs?

I guess what I’d say is that I think the playoffs will be very interesting.

It will be interesting to see how the teams play, because they’re a playoff team, so it’s going to have to look like a championship.

How are they going to do in the playoffs is up to the games.

I’d love to see the Warriors win.

They’re a great team, they’re really tough to play against, and they’re also one of the best teams in the NBA.

How good is their team this year and what are they playing for?

I really don’t have an answer to that.

I hope they can go to the Finals and have a good regular season, and I hope that they can win the championship.

I think there’s going, in a lot of ways, to be some ups and downs for the Warriors this year.

But I think there is a lot going for them and they’ll find a way to beat whoever it is that they’ve been facing so far this year, and then they’ll have a chance to go to another Finals.

I would love to watch them and be in their corner, but if they lose, they’ll still be in the finals.

What are you looking forward to the most in the preseason?

It will be fun to watch the rookies and how they play.

The rookies are really strong.

They just got some new guys and a new team that they haven’t played with before, so that will be really fun.

The team that I’m rooting for is the Houston Rockets.

They were in the Western Conference finals last year and now they have some new pieces, so I really hope that this team can take them to the finals again.

I’ll be rooting for them to do that.

Who do you like most in basketball?

I’m a little bit of a pick-me-up.

I have a lot to say about Kevin Durant, but my first pick would be LeBron James.

I love him and he’s got a lot more talent than me, but the way he plays, his leadership, the way that he wins games, it’s unbelievable.

He’s just so good.

He reminds me of [Kevin Durant].

I love Kevin Durant and I think he’s going in the right direction.

How would you rank the players in the league right now?

I would put Russell Westbrook, but he’s been a big-time star.

He just keeps getting better and better.

How much will it affect his value going into the playoffs in the first round?

I wouldn’t think so, because it’s not like he’s just going to go out and play in the second round and just go on and dominate everybody.

The reason I would pick Westbrook is because he’s a great player.

He’ll have the ball and he’ll make plays.

He might be the best player in the world, but we’ve seen it with [Kevin] Durant.

I just think he’ll be the No. 1 pick for the most part, but maybe there will be some trades to see who’s better.

If the playoffs come down to it, who’s going into Game 5?

Who’s going out?

Who are you going to put in that position?

I’ll say it: I like the Celtics, I like Kevin Durant.

That’s my favorite team right now.

Who’s the best team?

I’d go with the Lakers, because I really love Kobe Bryant.

That team has a lot in it and I’d like to see that