Why do basketball fans bet more than they do?

NBA basketball fans who are spending money on betting sites like basketballbetsheet.com and handicapbetsheet, a sportsbook owned by the league, are making more money than ever before.

It’s not surprising, given that the league is paying out big bucks to owners, executives and players.

“The trend is to bet on the players,” said Steve Kornbluth, a betting analyst with sportsbook.com.

“It’s the same thing as in sportsbook stakes: the teams are winning and the players are losing.

If the players don’t win, it’s a bad bet.

So you can bet on whoever’s going to win the next game.”

The trend is also being fueled by the NFL.

The NFL is expected to rake in $5.8 billion in profits for the year through 2026.

The money comes from broadcasting rights fees, endorsements, merchandise and other revenue streams.

It is also from sponsorships, licensing fees and other things.

This year, the league’s revenues were up about 8% from last year.

The NBA was also among the biggest earners of the past two years.

It will be the highest-grossing league in history.