Why the Duke Basketball Team Could Lose Like the NBA 3×4 betting line is Falling Apart

With Duke basketball’s NCAA tournament bracket on the line, it’s no wonder betting lines have been falling apart.

The team that lost the most games to the other two teams has lost by a whopping 3x, with no clear winner to be found, according to the latest available odds.

The betting lines for this week were published Thursday.

The line that has the least to lose was Duke’s $1.7 billion, 3×5-win line, which was down $2.5 billion over the weekend.

Duke’s next line, 3-5-2, is down $1 billion to $3.1 billion.

The three best bets, for now, are Duke’s line of 3-4-1, which is down just $1 million, and its 3-3-1 line, down just a dime.

The worst bets are the line of 4-4 and 5-2-3, down $100 million and $75 million, respectively.

With Duke at $1,532 million in line wins, that leaves $1 in the bank for the team’s next round.

The winning team will be able to collect $1M in winnings in the NCAA tournament and will get $4.3M in prize money.

Duke has already clinched a spot in the Sweet 16, but it will need to advance to the next round in order to get there.