NBA Draft lottery: What we know about the top 10 teams | Basketball betting strategy

The NBA Draft is underway and the top teams in the West are in action.

Here are some important updates for the basketball betting community.1.

The Warriors and Lakers have the best odds of making the NBA Finals.

The Golden State Warriors and Los Angeles Lakers have combined for more than $1 billion in winning and are expected to compete for the NBA title.

This makes the Warriors the best-funded team with an $8 billion win-loss record.

The Lakers have more than doubled their win total since the NBA began tracking the team.2.

The Cavs have the most money for the first time since 2010.

LeBron James and Kyrie Irving have combined to win more than half the Cavs’ money since 2010-11, making them the most valuable team in NBA history.

The Cleveland Cavaliers have earned more than the second-highest team in the NBA with a record of $1.2 billion.3.

The Sixers have the worst record in the league.

Philadelphia has won just six of its last 19 games, a streak of just seven games since April 21.

The 76ers are averaging just 17.3 points per game and shooting 31.6 percent from the field.4.

The Bulls are the most underdogs in the East, according to odds tracker OddsShark.

The Chicago Bulls are just two games back of the eighth-seeded Atlanta Hawks in the race for the top seed in the Eastern Conference.5.

The Knicks are in first place in the Atlantic Division with an 18-0 record, and are looking to win their second consecutive division title.6.

The Spurs have the biggest advantage in the Western Conference with the best record in a 16-game series.

The Western Conference has a 4-2 record and has won four of five.7.

The Pacers have the second biggest advantage over the Thunder, but have won just two of seven against them.8.

The Jazz are the biggest underdogs heading into the season and are one game back of second-place Memphis in the standings.9.

The Raptors are the hottest team in all of basketball heading into this season, according a sportsbook report.10.

The Bucks are the only team in this year’s draft that has a winning record, but are not projected to be a championship contender.11.

The Mavericks have the No. 1 pick, which will be used to select the team’s starting center.12.

The Pelicans are the second team to win a playoff series in each of the last three years.

The 2015-16 Miami Heat beat the Oklahoma City Thunder in the 2015 NBA Finals in five games.13.

The Nets are the favorites to win the No, 1 pick in the 2017 NBA draft.14.

The Nuggets are projected to have the sixth-best record in all NBA history, but the Denver Nuggets have been playing badly and have struggled to make up ground in recent years.15.

The Celtics have the fifth-most wins in NBA History, with the 2012-13 Boston Celtics winning the first three games of the 2015-17 NBA season.16.

The Hornets are the top-ranked team in their conference, according an ESPN.