Christmas basketball bets

Football betting fans will be in the market for some festive basketball bets this week as the NRL’s 2017 season kicks off on Sunday.

The NRL season begins with the season opener on Saturday, December 6 with the New Zealand Warriors playing the Warriors at ANZ Stadium.

The Warriors, currently the best team in the NRL, are hoping to build on their win over the Parramatta Eels last season to become the first team to win back-to-back premierships since 2007.

Last season, they were runner-up to the Parrots and were one of the favourites to win the 2017 premiership, with the Parrot needing just four points to do so.

The New Zealand rugby league team have already won the 2017 NRL premiership and will look to repeat the feat this year.

The first bettor to put a foot in the ring will be James Rance, who is based in Melbourne, and has a history of winning NRL bettors.

James said: “I’ve been a long-time betting professional.

When I first started in the game, I was playing for a Sydney club and one of my first bettours was from a local NSW club.”

I’ve always liked the fact that when you get a player you like and they win, it doesn’t matter if you’ve been in the league for 10 years or if you’re only a kid, you’re still a big fan.

“As I’ve grown and as I’ve been reading the books, I’ve got to say I’ve come to enjoy the game more than I did a few years ago.”

James said the NRL was in a great position to make big changes this year, as it had a great team and had the players who were capable of making big changes.

He said: “(They have) the depth to make a huge change and to make the changes, the players will make the change.”

If you’re lucky enough to get a chance to see them, they will make their move, whether it’s in the halves or in the ruck, and they’re all good players.

“When you’re winning, you have a lot of players who can make big shifts.”

James’ favourite NRL bet is to play the Sharks in their clash at Suncorp Stadium on Friday, December 8, the NRL will also be showing off some of the most exciting rugby league bets on offer, including the chance to win $1,000.

The Sharks are the reigning premiers and have been looking to repeat their success from 2016, where they went on to win a grand final after beating the Broncos in the semi-finals.

James is hoping that the Sharks are capable of putting together a strong finals push, especially as the Warriors have already been tipped to do the same.

James added: “The Sharks have a great chance of going to the final, and if they can get a couple of them on the board, then I’m all in.”

“It’s a huge chance and if we can get them on, then it’s a big chance to get another win for them.”

The Sharks were the favourites, and you would think the Warriors would be going to them and I think it will be a good match-up for them.

“James believes the Sharks will have a chance of winning, particularly as the Sharks have already lost to the Warriors and Parramacorns in recent seasons.

James believes they can take their chances and he has his pick of the NRL bets on the line.

He added: “[The Sharks] are going to win because they have a team with so much depth, they have players who are good enough to make huge shifts.”

They have been there before, and it’s never a surprise that they’ve won.”

There are some good players out there, so it will just be about how the Warriors do.

“James added that the NRL has a great opportunity to do something big this year and that the Warriors are a huge favourite.

James also pointed out that the Super League is a great league for rugby league betterers to watch, with Super Rugby being played at SunCorp Stadium.

James has a few other favourite bets that he will be watching this weekend.

He is hoping to win an NRL game and then bet on the Super Rugby clash between the Sharks and Warriors, and he also has a Super Rugby bet on Sunday, December 9, the final day of the season.

James, who has won several NRL betts on Super Rugby, said: “[I have] a couple on Super League and I’ve always loved the NRL and the Super Challenge.”

So, it’s always good to go and see them and it’ll be a fun bet.”

We are really hoping for a good game and hopefully we can win a couple, especially if we get the Warriors on the scoreboard.

“It will be good for the Super Premiership as well.”

You can’t really lose in the Super Series and that’s what we’re looking