How to win big on the NBA’s $1.5 billion bet

It’s not just basketball, of course.

In the days leading up to the NBA Finals, bettors were already betting on the outcome of football.

One major betting site, Betfair, ran an NBA betting game, and other sites were taking bets on the NFL and UFC.

The NBA has also made an in-person betting experience available to the public, but only at the company’s own locations, including the Barclays Center in Brooklyn.

There, customers can place bets on teams and players.

In addition, NBA games are broadcast on television, online and on NBA TV, the league’s mobile app.

As of Thursday, the game has attracted over 30 million bets, according to Betfair.

In its first five years, the NBA has amassed $1 billion in bets, mostly through online betters, according an estimate from Betfair last year.

The league has also invested heavily in its social media platforms, including Twitter and Facebook.

“We want to give fans more ways to interact with the league, which is why we partnered with Twitter to launch NBA.TV,” said Kevin Dunn, co-founder and CEO of Betfair in a statement.

“There are so many ways fans can get involved, so we’re excited to partner with the NBA on this next step.”

The NBA is one of the largest sports leagues in the world.

Its total revenue is more than $2.2 billion, according the league.

According to data from, the average sports book had an NBA team in their house as of June 30, 2017, and it had an average daily book price of $1,542.

The average sports bettor has won $1 million on NBA games, while the average bettor with an NBA book has won over $6 million.

In 2017 alone, NBA players won more than 100 NBA championships.

ESPN reported that NBA players have made $5.3 billion in career earnings.

For those who want to bet on the 2018 NBA Finals on the big screen, it will be available in the United States and Canada, as well as the European Union.

The Finals are scheduled to begin on Sunday, May 1, and the first round is set to begin the following Monday, May 2.