Which is the best NBA team in the 2018-19 season?

We all know that basketball is a sport of extremes, but there’s no denying the fact that there’s a great balance between all types of players and styles.

Which teams are best for winning?

What about being competitive?

Are there any teams that can win consistently?

Let’s find out.


Charlotte Hornets The Charlotte Hornets were recently named the top team in basketball by ESPN.com, which is pretty amazing considering that they’re basically the opposite of a team like the Brooklyn Nets.

The Hornets are the only NBA team to win at least 82 games in each of their first five seasons, which includes a playoff appearance.

That’s a pretty impressive feat considering how many teams in the league have struggled to do so. 

Charlotte is the first team in franchise history to win back-to-back NBA titles, but they’ve also lost more games than any other team to the Warriors and Cavaliers. 

That’s not to say that Charlotte isn’t a good basketball team, but it’s a bit of a letdown compared to other teams in that regard. 

The Hornets are just as good at defense as the Warriors or Cavaliers, and while they’re certainly not the league’s best team, they’re not quite as good as those two teams.

They’re probably closer to being better than the Celtics, Warriors, or Cavaliers.


Brooklyn Nets Brooklyn’s offense has been a huge reason why the Nets have been able to win in the NBA.

The Nets have one of the league-best offenses, scoring 101.3 points per 100 possessions, which ranks No. 1 among teams.

Their defense, which ranked second, ranked fourth.

The reason that the Nets’ offense is so great is that they’ve been able play small ball, which allows them to get the ball out quickly and efficiently. 

Brooknies point guard Deron Williams is the only player in the top five in PER, and he was the best in the East last season.

He’s one of those players who makes you want to watch the game.


New York Knicks The Knicks offense has never been an issue for the Knicks, who are one of only five teams that average fewer than 100 points per game. 

However, they’ve struggled to score consistently.

The Knicks’ offense scored just 78.3 ppg last season, and they’ve averaged just 73.6 ppg in the three seasons since they switched to small ball.

They’ve also had a pretty bad defensive record.

They only won 11 games last season and had a +23 turnover differential. 


Phoenix Suns The Suns have been a dominant force for the past few years, but the Suns offense has consistently been below average. 

In fact, they ranked in the bottom five in the Eastern Conference in offensive rating last season but were a top-10 team in defensive rating.

They were one of three teams in basketball last season to average more than 100.0 points per contest.

The Suns had the worst offense in the conference in that category, but were still the best defensive team. 


Indiana Pacers The Pacers have struggled mightily to find success in the modern NBA.

Their offense has averaged under 50 points per team since 2010, but that was a stretch of seven years. 

Their defense, however, has been among the league leaders since 2015.

They have the best defense in the Western Conference and have one player in that area who ranks among the top 10 in the West in scoring. 

Indiana is currently in the middle of a six-game road trip.

They play at Portland, Phoenix, Sacramento, Houston, New Orleans, and San Antonio.

They will face the Rockets on Friday and the Spurs on Saturday.


Oklahoma City Thunder Oklahoma City is one of just two teams in NBA history to have a win streak of nine or more games in their first 10 games of a season.

They also rank second in offensive efficiency, which measures points per possession. 

Oklahomans point guard Kevin Durant is one player who has shown why he’s one the NBA’s best players, and that’s because he’s a big man.

Durant is averaging career highs in points per play (20.6) and steals per game (2.8).

He’s also among the best scorers in the world. 

He’s shooting a career-best 37.2 percent from the field. 


Atlanta Hawks Atlanta is one team in a different league. 

When you look at how the Hawks are performing this season, you can’t help but be impressed. 

They’re the league leader in offensive rebounds (11.9), fourth in offensive box plus-minus (minus-1.2), sixth in defensive rebounding percentage (57.3), and eighth in scoring offense.

They rank fourth in the Hawks’ record book, with an average of 94.1 points per 96 possessions. 


Minnesota Timberwolves Minnesota is one step closer to becoming a true contender in the