What you need to know about basketball sharp bet

With the NBA playoffs fast approaching, there’s no shortage of players to bet on, with many betting big on the teams that have the best odds of winning the championship.

There are a lot of great bets to be had, so it’s important to keep your wager safe and keep yourself up to date on all the latest betting trends and betting opportunities.

Here are our picks for the most valuable NBA bet of the season.1.

Charlotte HornetsBet on the Hornets to win the title.

The Hornets will likely be the favorites to win it all, but with the playoffs in full swing, the odds have changed.

In order to make it happen, the Hornets are a favorite to win all of their games.

They will have to play the most efficient team to win in the NBA.2.

Utah JazzBet on them to lose it all.

The Jazz are the favorites here, but their recent performances have shown that they have the ability to be a dominant team in the postseason.

They have the talent to be one of the top teams in the East, and they can win it with a dominant effort in the playoffs.3.

Miami HeatBet on their record to fall to 0-16.

They lost the first round of the playoffs by a wide margin, and are a team that has not made it to the conference finals in the past two seasons.

This season has not been good for them, and with no playoff games scheduled, this could be a season that they will fall to zero-16, leaving them with a big hole to fill.4.

Atlanta HawksBet on a win over the Kings to secure a playoff spot.

This is an exciting bet for the Hawks, as they have a history of being playoff contenders.

Atlanta has not won a playoff game since they finished sixth in the Eastern Conference in 2016-17.5.

Brooklyn NetsBet on another win over Indiana.

The Nets were in the playoff race heading into the season, but after a rough start in the first quarter, they started to make some noise and took over.

They are now tied for the best record in the league at 5-3.6.

Milwaukee BucksBet on one of their wins to be the series-winner.

The Bucks are currently the hottest team in all of basketball, but a loss in the Finals will be the end of their playoff hopes.7.

Golden State WarriorsBet on an overtime win over Portland to make the playoffs with a record of 12-1.

They were the favorites in the Western Conference playoffs, but were beaten by the Jazz.8.

Dallas MavericksBet on Golden State to win both the Western and Eastern Conference Finals.

The Mavericks are a strong team in basketball and they are one of only two teams in history to win back-to-back titles in the same season.9.

Indiana PacersBet on Indiana to win two of their three playoff games to make playoffs with an impressive record of 16-4.10.

Houston RocketsBet on Houston to win one of two games in the conference semifinals against Oklahoma City.11.

New Orleans PelicansBet on New Orleans to win a Game 7 to make their second consecutive Finals appearance with a 12-2 record.12.

Chicago BullsBet on Chicago to win three of four games in their first round against Golden State.13.

Atlanta BravesBet on Atlanta to win four of six games in a row, or go a perfect 16-0.14.

Milwaukee MavericksBet On Milwaukee to win five of six to make a run to the second round.15.

Sacramento KingsBet On Sacramento to win six of seven to make playoff history.16.

Denver NuggetsBet On Denver to win seven of eight to win their first NBA Championship since 1984.17.

Sacramento ClippersBet On Golden State and the Warriors to lose to the Clippers in the finals.18.

Charlotte BobcatsBet On Charlotte to win eight of nine games to win its first NBA title since 1998.19.

Utah GrizzliesBet On Utah to win nine of 10 to make NBA Finals history.20.

Los Angeles LakersBet On Los Angeles to win 11 of 12 to make this season’s NBA Championship.21.

Chicago BucksBet On Cleveland to lose six of eight games to lose their first playoff series since 2000.22.

Washington WizardsBet On Washington to lose eight of 10 games to fall from No. 1 in the West to No. 2.23.

Orlando MagicBet On Orlando to win 10 of 11 games to earn their second straight playoff berth.24.

Milwaukee HawksBet On Indiana to lose five of seven games to get back into the postseason, and to earn a No. 3 seed.25.

LosersBet On Toronto to lose four of seven.26.

Atlanta MavericksBet The Hawks to lose nine of ten.27.

Indiana WarriorsBet Indiana to drop their record in their last game of the regular season to 10-13.28.

Chicago Trail BlazersBet The Blazers to drop six of 10.29.

Sacramento 76ersBet The Kings to lose 10 of nine.