Which NFL players are making the most money from their online sports betting bets?

NFL players can win up to $2,000 in online betting every time they play a game, according to betting handicapper Betfair.It’s a new twist on the traditional “pay as you go” model that sportsbooks have been using for decades.But it’s not just the players who benefit.Betfair’s Mike Lutz told ESPN that betting handicappers like to […]

How to Bet on Basketball with Interracial Basketball Betting ats

The NBA’s upcoming schedule is filled with exciting games between teams of color.And there are still some interesting games to bet on this year, too.The first of the games to play is Wednesday, March 2.The Sixers are facing the Houston Rockets at 6 p.m.ET on ESPN2, and the Knicks will be facing the Indiana Pacers […]

When are Australian basketball bets worth?

This year’s NRL season is a real test for the Australian rugby league game.It’s a big step up for the sport’s popularity in Australia, and it has attracted the attention of the NRL’s own chief executive, Todd Greenberg.“It’s very exciting to be here and to be a part of this great game,” Greenberg told Fairfax […]

How to use Google Analytics to predict how sports betting sites will spend their money

I used to spend a lot of time on the internet researching and learning about sports betting.I learned a lot about how sportsbooks worked, how to read a sportsbook’s site, how many sportsbooks a given site was connected to, what their payout rates were, how often they sold sportsbooks and much more.But after watching hundreds […]

The Most Popular Basketball Betting Oddschecker Sportsbook | Lasry Sportsbook

Lasry sportsbook has just launched a new sportsbook that is set to revolutionize sportsbook betting.Lasry is the first sportsbook to offer sportsbook odds for the NBA playoffs and the NBA Draft.Lasy sportsbooks are now available at over 100 locations across the United States and Canada.The sportsbook will offer odds for NBA playoffs, NBA Draft and […]

What is a ‘beta basketball shoe’ and why should you care?

The best shoes for basketball are usually the ones that last.In other words, they are designed for an athlete to play basketball at a high level and have good durability and grip.The best sneakers for basketball players tend to be lightweight and comfortable and often feature mesh or leather inserts that offer extra cushioning.But these […]