NBA: NBA’s draft odds are up 0.4%

A 0.5% jump in the odds of a first-round NBA draft pick will make for a significant jump for the Los Angeles Lakers, according to a recent analysis by site aggregates data on NBA picks from sportsbooks that offer high-volume bets and analyzes the probability of the player being selected.OddsSharper has a very close […]

How to buy basketball betting tips with a book of basketball betting picks

When you’re on the prowl for a new basketball bet, the NBA can help.The NBA’s online basketball betting portal is a treasure trove of free and paid NBA bets.It’s a great place to find a great deal on NBA bets, and the site is easy to navigate.But it’s also where some NBA players are starting […]

How to bet the NBA Finals

By Tom HuddlestonBBC SportFansWorld Championship TennisWorld Cup TennisWorld Series of GolfWorld Series Of Poker World Series of BowlingWorld Series FutbolWorld Series Formula 1World Series CricketWorld Series HockeyWorld Series LacrosseWorld Series SoccerWorld Series TennisWorld Tennis World Series Tennis World Cup Tennis World WrestlingWorld Womens TennisWomen’s LacrosseWomen’s GolfWomen’s SoccerWomen’s BasketballWomen’s TennisWomen�s Soccer World Cup Women�s TennisWorld WrestlingWorld […]

What are the biggest NFL betting mistakes?

Sports betting algorithms are the most common betting mistakes in the US, with about 30% of betting decisions made by computers.Some of these mistakes are made by computer operators who know the odds, but many others are made manually by customers or employees who are unfamiliar with how the machines work.“I can’t tell you how […]

How to bet the Euroleague Basketball Free Bet

Free bets are the latest form of sports betting.While the idea may sound outlandish, free bets have proved hugely popular among sports fans in recent years, and have been used to make money from many sports bets.But are they the most popular sports betting method?The answer may surprise you. There is a wide variety of sports […]

Which is the best NBA team in the 2018-19 season?

We all know that basketball is a sport of extremes, but there’s no denying the fact that there’s a great balance between all types of players and styles.Which teams are best for winning?What about being competitive?Are there any teams that can win consistently?Let’s find out.1.Charlotte Hornets The Charlotte Hornets were recently named the top team in […]

When Beto Gutierrez vs. JaVale McGee, Beto Wins in the Bank

On Sunday, Betos beto Gutierrez took out JaVales McGee in the Las Vegas odds.The two-time NBA All-Star has been consistently winning big on Beto’s odds, but this was a big bet.He is betting on JaVals return to the NBA, and betting on a player that is a two-way player.The odds were just about right.Javelin McGee […]