Washington’s best bet: Wizards win without Kevin Durant

Washington Wizards fans have been waiting for their franchise’s best shot in years.So far, it has come to pass, as the team took a three-game road trip to face the Charlotte Hornets on Wednesday night.The Wizards won 99-91 in overtime, and they got an early Christmas gift: a win over the Charlotte Bobcats, a team […]

Basketball betting guide for 2018

NBA betting odds are always up in the air, and this time around, you could be looking at some pretty exciting odds.Basketball betting is a sport that is in the midst of a renaissance, with more and more people being attracted to it.Basketball games are always an instant classic and it has become one of […]

How to Bet on Basketball with Interracial Basketball Betting ats

The NBA’s upcoming schedule is filled with exciting games between teams of color.And there are still some interesting games to bet on this year, too.The first of the games to play is Wednesday, March 2.The Sixers are facing the Houston Rockets at 6 p.m.ET on ESPN2, and the Knicks will be facing the Indiana Pacers […]

How to watch the NBA Finals online – Australian Financial News

The NBA Finals are just around the corner.What do you need to know about the event and how to watch it online?Read moreThe NBA Finals take place at the Sydney Opera House on Sunday, October 13, and can be seen live on ABC TV, ABC TV Hobart, ABC News Online, ABC Radio NSW, ABC Sport, […]