Bet you never heard about the Australian Basketball Championship

It’s a long shot that you’ll win the Australian Championship basketball championship this year.But you’d be a fool to bet against it, according to the betting market.Sportsbet’s latest sports betting guide says odds on the Australian basketball championship are at 6.9/1.That’s good odds for a team that finished seventh in the world in the last […]

How to bet on basketball with ESPN Stats & Info

If you’re a fan of the NBA, you’ve probably spent a lot of time playing online basketball betting.And while the game itself is still in its infancy, there’s one thing that’s become clear: you can win a lot more than you could in a normal sports betting game.The game is called basketball betting and, unlike […]

What’s the difference between a ‘live’ bet and a ‘real’ bet?

Betting is often described as a betting strategy that requires a certain amount of confidence.Live sports betting is also referred to as live sports betting because the bets are placed electronically.You can bet money on sports or any other events you may be interested in, from the World Cup to sporting events such as the […]

When are Australian basketball bets worth?

This year’s NRL season is a real test for the Australian rugby league game.It’s a big step up for the sport’s popularity in Australia, and it has attracted the attention of the NRL’s own chief executive, Todd Greenberg.“It’s very exciting to be here and to be a part of this great game,” Greenberg told Fairfax […]