Beta blockers help people with ALS keep their memories intact, new study finds

It has long been suspected that beta blockers, which block the activity of the enzyme beta-amyloid peptide (AAP), are beneficial in treating people with chronic pain and dementia.However, researchers from the University of Sydney and the University College London have now discovered that beta blocker therapy has some of the same side effects as opioids.The […]

How to bet Canada’s basketball game on Sunday?

In a world of free and easy gambling, bet365 is the perfect solution.The betting app offers sports betting in the form of sportsbooks and betting agencies.It has more than 30,000 sportsbooks across Canada.Bet365 has also set up sports betting agencies that operate in a number of other countries.BetOnline is one of the biggest sports betting […]

What is Sky Basketball Betting?

Sky Basketball is a new betting model that uses the NBA’s “basket of stars” approach to basketball games.It uses a “blitz” style betting strategy that involves placing bets on the outcomes of individual games.Sky Basketball allows users to buy tickets to individual games, but they must then make an online bet, which costs $20 a […]