What do you think of the NBA Finals, including NBA.com’s Basketball Betting

I thought this was an interesting article and I’m curious to hear your thoughts.It looks like a good way to get a sense of how you feel about the league and its fans.How do you feel the playoffs are going for the NBA and its teams?I think it’s a pretty interesting way to gauge the […]

How to bet on a football bet

You’ve got your big football bet, and now it’s time to bet money on your favorite team, too.You can find the best football betting sites and books, too, with betting options for every sport, from football, soccer and rugby to basketball and basketball gambling.Here’s how to bet the best sports betting sites.Sports betting online betting […]

Why Basketball Betting Is the Future of Basketball

Basketball betting is the future of sports betting, says National Geographic.But first, let’s talk about the basics of what this new form of sports bettning is and how it differs from traditional sports betting.What is basketball betting?The game is played on an indoor basketball court and involves teams of five players each trying to score […]