NBA Draft lottery: What we know about the top 10 teams | Basketball betting strategy

The NBA Draft is underway and the top teams in the West are in action.Here are some important updates for the basketball betting community.1.The Warriors and Lakers have the best odds of making the NBA Finals.The Golden State Warriors and Los Angeles Lakers have combined for more than $1 billion in winning and are expected […]

Basketball betting guide for 2018

NBA betting odds are always up in the air, and this time around, you could be looking at some pretty exciting odds.Basketball betting is a sport that is in the midst of a renaissance, with more and more people being attracted to it.Basketball games are always an instant classic and it has become one of […]

The NBA’s new betting app bettors are in for a shock

New Scientist – 3/14/16 4:37:42 In a bid to reduce the number of sports betting apps on the market, the NBA has announced it will be adding betting apps to its betting platform.According to a statement released by the league, its appBetting 1X2 Basketball will offer betting on NBA games with its Betting 1XX basketball […]