Why do basketball fans bet more than they do?

NBA basketball fans who are spending money on betting sites like basketballbetsheet.com and handicapbetsheet, a sportsbook owned by the league, are making more money than ever before.It’s not surprising, given that the league is paying out big bucks to owners, executives and players.“The trend is to bet on the players,” said Steve Kornbluth, a betting […]

What’s happening with Vegas basketball betting?

Vegas sportsbooks are taking a gamble on betting on the Vegas Warriors to finish the regular season with a win.In fact, the Vegas Golden Knights have been predicted to win their first ever NBA title.The betting odds for the Warriors have been trending in the positive since the start of the regular campaign when they […]

How to find the best basketball betting sites and how to find winners

The best basketball gambling sites are in the hands of a select few who will provide you the best odds of winning.If you are looking for a new bettor, you need to get in touch with the right ones and be sure to contact them for the best chance of winning a bet.If, however, you […]