How to make a $10 bet on basketball on Furman, a college basketball team

Furman is one of the nation’s top college basketball programs.The Bulldogs are playing in the NCAA tournament for the second straight year.The team has won four consecutive NCAA tournament games and is currently in the Sweet 16.In its most recent NCAA tournament game, the Bulldogs lost to Villanova on Saturday, but that was still the […]

What is NBA bet?

NBA bet analysis and betting model is a new and unique method to estimate the probability of winning a basketball bet.Betting model can predict your favorite teams chances to win a game and the odds of winning in the next round of NBA betting.Betaware sportsbooks are providing with a FREE NBA bet calculator.The NBA […]

Which NBA free bets will you win?

When it comes to basketball free bets, there are two basic types of bets you can make, according to betting industry experts.And with so many different ways to bet on basketball, it’s easy to get lost.Here are the best free bets on NBA games: Basketball: NBA free bet Odds are you’ll be in the driver’s […]