Which NBA players will win NBA basketball betting?

It’s a complicated equation.Which player will win in a game of basketball?Which NBA team will win the league championship?Which player has the most fantasy points?In basketball terms, which NBA player has more fantasy points than others?And how much should you bet on the winner of each game?But as it turns out, you have a few […]

Why are we still talking about the NBA Finals

More than three decades after the last NBA championship, the NBA is back.In a sport that’s been defined by dominance by one team, it’s no longer a matter of whether the Warriors beat the Clippers.It’s a matter, again, of who wins and loses.In the final five games of the 2016-17 season, the Warriors were up […]

Which NBA team is going to win the 2017 NBA Draft?

If you want to bet on the NBA draft, you need to bet big.There are a lot of teams that are expected to pick first overall in the upcoming draft.But some of the most anticipated teams will likely fall in the first round.Here are 10 teams that could potentially land top picks in the 2018 […]

How to use Google Analytics to predict how sports betting sites will spend their money

I used to spend a lot of time on the internet researching and learning about sports betting.I learned a lot about how sportsbooks worked, how to read a sportsbook’s site, how many sportsbooks a given site was connected to, what their payout rates were, how often they sold sportsbooks and much more.But after watching hundreds […]