How much LeBron James will make on the NBA?

How much is LeBron James going to make on his basketball career?That remains to be seen, but based on how much of a return he can make on betting on NBA games, it appears he’s well on his way to the $1.2 billion mark.While betting on basketball is still a fairly new trend, it’s been […]

The NBA’s Winball Bet Is Winning With $5 Million (and It’s Not Picking Up The Pieces)

Basketball Betting expert David Pritchard of Sports Betting Consultants (a leading online sportsbook and sportsbook analysis website) explains how the NBA’s winball bet, based on the winner of the 2016 NBA Playoffs, is picking up the pieces.Pritchel writes: “The winner of last night’s playoff was the Boston Celtics.They beat the New York Knicks.The Celtics are […]