What’s next for NBA playoffs

Best basketball betting odds and predictions for the upcoming NBA playoffs have started rolling in.We are seeing the first signs of a wave of bets to break through the 1-1-1 barrier.Here are five of the biggest winners and losers.1.LeBron James: The Cavaliers superstar is the favorite to win the NBA championship.But the Cleveland Cavaliers are […]

How to bet on the NRL in 2018

The NRL’s 2018 season is in full swing and the betting odds are already in and it’s hard to keep up with all the action.For those of you who are lucky enough to have a NRL subscription, there’s a decent amount of free bet options available.Bet365, which is the biggest betting company, offers some of […]

How to win the NBA, the World Series and more in 2020

What to watch: All the NBA action from this weekend, including the playoffs.What to bet on: $1 stocks, $1 bonds, $10 sportsbooks, $5 options, $100 futures.NFL betting odds: -5.5%, -4.5% for home games, plus 5% for away games.NBA draft odds: $2.5 million for a first round pick, $2 million for second round, $3 million for […]

How to bet on basketball, basketball sure bets and other sports betfair

Sportsbetfair, a leading sports betting website, has published a handy guide on how to bet your money on the NBA, NBA League Pass, NHL, NFL and NHL Playoff games, including NBA on NBC Sports.Sportsbetfair is also offering a sportsbook-style tool that lets you bet on NBA and NHL playoff games, NHL playoffs and the NBA […]