When does Bet365 have its big first-quarter profit?

Bovada.com | Sportsbook article Bettors who’ve bet on the NBA, Major League Soccer, NHL and NHL Playoffs will be pleased to know that Bet365 is back in the business this year with its first-ever quarterly profit.Bet365 said on Thursday it posted a profit of $2.2 million in its first quarter of 2017, up from $2 […]

Which NBA free bets will you win?

When it comes to basketball free bets, there are two basic types of bets you can make, according to betting industry experts.And with so many different ways to bet on basketball, it’s easy to get lost.Here are the best free bets on NBA games: Basketball: NBA free bet Odds are you’ll be in the driver’s […]

Canadian basketball betting software is making a name for itself as the hottest thing to hit bet sites

The hottest sports betting software on the market is finally making its way to Canada.The company behind Bet365, Bet365 Canada, has launched its Canadian-focused betting app for smartphones and tablets, and will begin selling it to consumers in Canada on Monday.Bet365 is offering users the chance to win up to $1 million on their favourite […]