How to win big on the NBA’s $1.5 billion bet

It’s not just basketball, of course.In the days leading up to the NBA Finals, bettors were already betting on the outcome of football.One major betting site, Betfair, ran an NBA betting game, and other sites were taking bets on the NFL and UFC.The NBA has also made an in-person betting experience available to the public, […]

Why is NBA Betting so Popular?

Basketball betting is the new sport of choice for people who like to gamble but who are also avid sports fans.For many people, it offers an outlet to play sports, as well as a way to build their wealth and financial security.Betting is one of the fastest-growing sports betting markets in the U.S., according to […]

How to bet on basketball straight bet

If you’re a fan of the NBA, you may have noticed that the NBA’s betting website is getting a little bit better, with Betting Tips, a new feature that aims to make the experience of betting even more convenient for fans.BettingTips aims to help fans make their bets more transparent, and the new feature is […]