NBA Draft lottery: What we know about the top 10 teams | Basketball betting strategy

The NBA Draft is underway and the top teams in the West are in action.Here are some important updates for the basketball betting community.1.The Warriors and Lakers have the best odds of making the NBA Finals.The Golden State Warriors and Los Angeles Lakers have combined for more than $1 billion in winning and are expected […]

What is Sky Basketball Betting?

Sky Basketball is a new betting model that uses the NBA’s “basket of stars” approach to basketball games.It uses a “blitz” style betting strategy that involves placing bets on the outcomes of individual games.Sky Basketball allows users to buy tickets to individual games, but they must then make an online bet, which costs $20 a […]

How much money do you need to win a championship?

Can you afford to bet on a title game?Can you bet on the most important game of the season?Can we pay $300 for a $100 bet on LeBron James winning the title?Are you a betting fan?Are sportsbooks still a lucrative business?This article answers all those questions and more.The Atlantic is the home of sports betting.Atlantic […]

How to watch the Super Bowl in your local area, and where to watch

We’ve covered the Super-Bowl in many different places, but there’s one spot that’s been pretty special: the Superdome.It’s a place that, since its inception in 1950, has seen some of the most spectacular games ever played.We’ve been covering this place since it opened in 1960, and have been able to get inside a few different […]