NBA: NBA’s draft odds are up 0.4%

A 0.5% jump in the odds of a first-round NBA draft pick will make for a significant jump for the Los Angeles Lakers, according to a recent analysis by site aggregates data on NBA picks from sportsbooks that offer high-volume bets and analyzes the probability of the player being selected.OddsSharper has a very close […]

New York Times

NBA basketball betting site christmas basketball betting push: NBA season opens on Christmas Day, NBA officials say source Reuters article NBA Basketball Betting Tips NBA Basketball bettors are gearing up for a season of basketball betting on Christmas Eve and New Year’s Day, with the NBA opening the season on the NBA Christmas Day schedule.Forget […]

What is NBA Basketball Betting?

In addition to basketball betting options, the NBA has introduced an NBA Basketball Odds site and the NBA Betting app.The app allows users to bet on a variety of NBA games, including NBA games on ESPN, the Dallas Mavericks, Oklahoma City Thunder, Miami Heat, and the Chicago Bulls.Users can also make bets on the games […]