How to buy basketball betting tips with a book of basketball betting picks

When you’re on the prowl for a new basketball bet, the NBA can help.The NBA’s online basketball betting portal is a treasure trove of free and paid NBA bets.It’s a great place to find a great deal on NBA bets, and the site is easy to navigate.But it’s also where some NBA players are starting […]

Why do basketball fans bet more than they do?

NBA basketball fans who are spending money on betting sites like and handicapbetsheet, a sportsbook owned by the league, are making more money than ever before.It’s not surprising, given that the league is paying out big bucks to owners, executives and players.“The trend is to bet on the players,” said Steve Kornbluth, a betting […]

Bet you never heard about the Australian Basketball Championship

It’s a long shot that you’ll win the Australian Championship basketball championship this year.But you’d be a fool to bet against it, according to the betting market.Sportsbet’s latest sports betting guide says odds on the Australian basketball championship are at 6.9/1.That’s good odds for a team that finished seventh in the world in the last […]