Why the Duke Basketball Team Could Lose Like the NBA 3×4 betting line is Falling Apart

With Duke basketball’s NCAA tournament bracket on the line, it’s no wonder betting lines have been falling apart.The team that lost the most games to the other two teams has lost by a whopping 3x, with no clear winner to be found, according to the latest available odds.The betting lines for this week were published […]

How to win $500 betting on NBA basketball in NBA live from Vegas

NBA live coverage from Las Vegas is just around the corner and the Las Vegas Review-Journal has just published a new tip.It’s worth noting that NBA live is an event that can’t be watched by the average Joe and his buddies and the new tip from this betting company will only take place during the […]

How to bet on the NBA Playoffs, including how to win the NBA title

How to win NBA basketball?If you’re a sports betting enthusiast, there are many ways to bet in the NBA.While some are simple, others are more complex.Here are some of the best bets you can make.1.The Cavs win the series and LeBron is MVP LeBron James has been MVP the last two seasons and will win […]