WATCH: How to bet on the NBA Finals between the Golden State Warriors and Cleveland Cavaliers

The NBA Finals have come to Toronto.In the last 24 hours, the two teams have gone through three different matchups, including one where they met in the first round and the second against the Cleveland Cavaliers.The first time the Warriors met in this series was the first of the last five NBA Finals to take […]

When Euroleague Basketball Betting Came to Us

The Euroleague is an international basketball competition, played between the European Basketball Association and the European Championship.Euroleague games are scheduled on Saturdays, which makes for one of the most competitive sports in the world.The first time that I ever saw it was in 2012 when I watched a game between the Toronto Raptors and the […]

The NBA’s new betting app bettors are in for a shock

New Scientist – 3/14/16 4:37:42 In a bid to reduce the number of sports betting apps on the market, the NBA has announced it will be adding betting apps to its betting platform.According to a statement released by the league, its appBetting 1X2 Basketball will offer betting on NBA games with its Betting 1XX basketball […]

How to Bet on Basketball with Interracial Basketball Betting ats

The NBA’s upcoming schedule is filled with exciting games between teams of color.And there are still some interesting games to bet on this year, too.The first of the games to play is Wednesday, March 2.The Sixers are facing the Houston Rockets at 6 p.m.ET on ESPN2, and the Knicks will be facing the Indiana Pacers […]