Why the Duke Basketball Team Could Lose Like the NBA 3×4 betting line is Falling Apart

With Duke basketball’s NCAA tournament bracket on the line, it’s no wonder betting lines have been falling apart.The team that lost the most games to the other two teams has lost by a whopping 3x, with no clear winner to be found, according to the latest available odds.The betting lines for this week were published […]

How to win the NBA, the World Series and more in 2020

What to watch: All the NBA action from this weekend, including the playoffs.What to bet on: $1 stocks, $1 bonds, $10 sportsbooks, $5 options, $100 futures.NFL betting odds: -5.5%, -4.5% for home games, plus 5% for away games.NBA draft odds: $2.5 million for a first round pick, $2 million for second round, $3 million for […]